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Sony Minisodes
river blue

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Sorry I didn't reply to your message. LJ is being a bitch and giving me a blank page when I try. Which House are you looking to download? You gave me a link to a Manatee video.

The House I used in my picture was a mix of this one and this one (uploaded to megaupload because the site it was on died about a year ago).

LOL, I was a little, er... confused, but it's OK. (Actually, I can't stop laughing right now. Thanks, I needed a laugh.)

Okaaaay... Back to business. You have an account at MTS, yes? If not, well... get one? LOL, you probably have one already, but I'll start from the beginning. After you have an account/are signed in, click the Download tab in between the Overview and Install Instructions tabs on the page. Now that I think about it, the Install Instructions tab could come in handy. I've never clicked on it before. :/ Anyway...

A picture is worth a thousand words, so:


The cane should be on Page 12 of the Magic section of Rose Sims. You'll also need something like UnRarX to unzip House and then follow the instructions in my Cuddy comment to install. If you run into that lovely problem mentioned at the bottom of the Install Instructions tab, that's where the programs I linked to before come in handy, as clean installer doesn't work on a Mac.

If you need more help, let me know.

Thanks! That helps out so much! :D I just made them have sex for the fifth time! XD

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