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Huddy essay
river blue
House, M.D. is a medical drama series on the Fox network, currently in its sixth season. Every Monday night, House viewers witness the ongoing war between Dr. Lisa Cuddy and Dr. Allison Cameron. The subject of this war is the affection and attention of Dr. Gregory House. Fanatics have named the two sides of this love war Huddy and Hameron. Though there are a number of people on the “dark side,” Huddy dominates Hameron. Far more viewers prefer the relationship of House and Cuddy to that of House and Cameron. Hameron just cannot exist.
A major reason this Hameron nonsense is not possible is that Cameron is married to Dr. Robert Chase. House never has been one to follow the rules, or have personal values of any kind. However, he does not like Cameron enough to intrude on Chase’s happiness. Much to the pleasure of some radical Huddy supporters, Jennifer Morrison (Dr. Cameron) will be leaving the show in November. This poses a problem for Hameron possibility, seeing as Cameron will no longer be roaming the halls of Princeton Plainsboro Teaching Hospital. Allison Cameron was merely a fling, while Cuddy acts as a caregiver, a therapist, and a rock for House.
Cuddy is always there for House. She endures his griping and insults, and attempts to help him overcome his Vicodin obsession. Before leaving his house after helping him detox, Cuddy tells House, “You want to kiss me.” House replies with the obvious, “I always want to kiss you.” They then proceed to make out and other things. Sadly, House did not detox, is still addicted to Vicodin, and making love to his boss was a hallucination. In the season finale of season five, House is plotting to make Cuddy lose her temper. He says there will be two outcomes. She will either admit everything and fall into his arms, or she will kill him. House does not know this was a hallucination and declares from the balcony, “I slept with Lisa Cuddy!” Cuddy gets really angry and fires him. Scenarios such as this prove his love for Cuddy; the love he denies. 
The concept of Huddy is very real to House viewers. Unfortunately, the writers and producers of the show enjoy leaving us with the tiniest ounce of hope that one day, some day soon, Cuddy and House will recognize this feeling as love- not loathe. Until that day we will thrive on fan fiction stories and fantasies.

This was written by my best friend Skylar for her english 1101 class and me, who just gave the inspiration and made that's what she said jokes to distract her.